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Hello friends!

My name is Konstantin Tyufyakin. I'm either a musician or a developer, I haven't decided yet. One day I will make a movie musical, but the road ahead is difficult and interesting. Thank you for being my travel companion!

What's next?
Dear friend, I will be glad to see you on one of these services. Let's do it! If you have content ideas, this is not time to keep silence! I'm waiting for your suggestions 😊

I will think about you when I drink coffee (but this is not certain).

Let's create together! 🤘 🎵

  • Tyufify

    Well, let's see what I have to offer:

    1. Ability to download albums in high quality

    2. Sheet music

    3. Access to the video a few days before the official premiere

    4. Source files of some of my experiments

  • Tyufify Plus

    All of the above.

    I will add your glorious name to the credits of every music video.

    Yes, there will also be access to streams on YouTube

  • Tyufify Premium

    Legends say that you exist, I will be glad to hear why you need such an expensive subscription!

    If you want, I can try to make a piano version of your track right on the stream :D