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Konstantin Tyufyakin

SYMFA (2021) [WAV]

SYMFA (2021) [WAV]

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SYMFA (2021)

44.1 kHz, 24 bit, Stereo, 2117 kbps

When the 88 keys are not enough

Music is a mirror which reflects the author's emotions. They can be changed abruptly by the inner and outer circumstances. That's why I never know what my music will be tomorrow. I just do my best and that's it.

Finally I'm happy to present you something very important to me. It's my vision of the last year and a half, which was certainly an extremely overwhelming, interesting and difficult period for me.

Full of experiments and new emotions SYMFA will show you a new view of something well-known. I hope you will find a peaceful shelter to your minds listening to it.

So make yourself comfortable, leave all your worries behind, take a glass of wine and listen to this album!

Vocal: Teona Dolnikova, Arthur Berkut, Dmitry Skidanenko, Andrey Lobashev
Mixing, mastering: Timofey Zelenski

01. Returning Home
02. Appeasement
03. Колыбельная (feat. Dmitry Skidanenko)
04. Dancing with an umbrella
05. Cœur de Davy Jones
06. Entering Cintra
07. Пока со мною ты (feat. Andrey Lobashev)
08. I can hear your music through the door
09. An Unexpected Journey
10. One day of Valeska
11. The Source Hunters
12. The Shattered Kingdom
13. Иду за тобой (feat. Arthur Berkut & Teona Dolnikova)
14. Back to the future

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